Friday, August 29, 2008

Football season is here!

Uh, Vols might want to get hip to and keep an eye on this kid.

My Grandson Keenan (#12) in his first high school football game Aug 29th 2008. He is 14, a freshman at Henderson International (private school, Henderson NV), has never played football before, and has practiced for all of 2 weeks thus far. They made him starting varsity receiver and defensive corner back.

Keenan was a nationally ranked USTA amateur tennis player by age 12 (his serve was recently clocked at 121 mph), and he successfully took up basketball last year at middle school. He is a perfect gentleman, consistent honor student, and amazing young athlete. And. he keeps me laughin'.

He is our pride. This clip is of his 2nd touchdown during his very first high school game.

Go, Keebo!!

Below, Keenan's first hoops bucket last year:

Finally, Keenan in a tennis tournament two years ago, age 12.

His Momma, my daughter Danielle, is UTK 1994, and is now the Executive Director of First Tee of Southern Nevada.