Friday, August 29, 2008

Football season is here!

Uh, Vols might want to get hip to and keep an eye on this kid.

My Grandson Keenan (#12) in his first high school football game Aug 29th 2008. He is 14, a freshman at Henderson International (private school, Henderson NV), has never played football before, and has practiced for all of 2 weeks thus far. They made him starting varsity receiver and defensive corner back.

Keenan was a nationally ranked USTA amateur tennis player by age 12 (his serve was recently clocked at 121 mph), and he successfully took up basketball last year at middle school. He is a perfect gentleman, consistent honor student, and amazing young athlete. And. he keeps me laughin'.

He is our pride. This clip is of his 2nd touchdown during his very first high school game.

Go, Keebo!!

Below, Keenan's first hoops bucket last year:

Finally, Keenan in a tennis tournament two years ago, age 12.

His Momma, my daughter Danielle, is UTK 1994, and is now the Executive Director of First Tee of Southern Nevada.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Welcome Tennessee Vols and Vols fans in Las Vegas

Welcome to the Tennessee Volunteers Las Vegas blog. We hear that there are nearly three hundred Tennessee alumni here in Nevada (and nearly 5,000 in the SW states comprising CA, NV, UT, and AZ), and we hope to provide a place for everyone to hook up who wishes to do so -- locals and Vols Vegas visitors from anywhere and everywhere. Y'all come.

This is your founding co-host Bobby Gladd ("BobbyG" to the music community here), UTK class of 1985, resident of Las Vegas since 1992 after relocating from Knoxville.

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Love it here. We now have approximately two million full time residents! And we get about 40 million visitors a year. Were it not for gaming, though, this place would be Barstow II, LOL!

Just getting started with Vegas Vols. If anyone has suggestions for content (including permanent links, etc.), just let us know. Also, if you would like to contribute as a regular blogger on this site, we will be glad to consider that as well.

Obviously, when you say the word "Vols," Tennessee sports come prominently to mind, and, while I am as much of a Vols sports fan (and crazed gym rat) as anyone, this effort will not be limited to sports talk. I feel I got top-dollar value for my undergrad education at UTK, and continue to hold the institution in extremely high regard. So, we welcome contributions and commentary on all things Tennessee here.

That said...

2008 Vols Football Schedule
  1. Sept. 1: UCLA, Pasadena
  2. Sept. 13: UAB, Knoxville
  3. Sept. 20: Florida,* Knoxville
  4. Sept. 27: Auburn,* Auburn
  5. Oct. 4: Northern Illinois, Knoxville
  6. Oct. 11: Georgia,* Athens
  7. Oct. 18: Mississippi State,* Knoxville
  8. Oct. 25: Alabama,* Knoxville
  9. Nov. 1: South Carolina,* Columbia
  10. Nov. 8: Wyoming (HC), Knoxville
  11. Nov. 22: Vanderbilt,* Nashville
  12. Nov. 29: Kentucky,* Knoxville
  13. Dec. 6: SEC Championship, Atlanta
___[*SEC opponent, HC-Homecoming]

We'll be looking for a sports bar / pub location in Vegas within which to gather to watch the games. Stay tuned. Also, The Traveling Vols site is providing package tours to the away games, starting with the UCLA game at the Rose Bowl in Pasadena on September 1st. A number of years ago we drove down from Vegas to the 'Bama-UCLA season opener at the Rose Bowl. We had a great time. Easy drive down the 15 to the 10 into Pasadena, only ~4.5 hours.

Rocky Top mp3



Hi ya -

My name is Tim Capadalis and I live in Las Vegas. I am a UT grad of '72. Retired here after 30 years with Coca-Cola. I have 4 tickets to the UCLA game. If you or someone needs them let me know. I will sell them at the cost of $45 each.

Go Vols